Low Pressure Molding LPM

State of the art manufacturing solution for encapsulation, molding, PCB protection and Packaging
LPM Protect PCB
Low Pressure Molding (LPM) is the state of the art process offered by Aviv Technologies´ Electronic Assemblies to encapsulate and environmentally protect electronic components, against moisture, dust dirt and vibration. Low Pressure Molding is also used for sealing connectors, molding grommets and strain reliefs. During the process polyamide material is heated until liquid (typically at 210oC), then injected at very low pressure into a relatively cold mold-set. The low viscosity material flows gently into the mold-set cavity and around the electronics to be encapsulated.
The LPM process replaces toxic and cumbersome potting processes, providing faster cycle times, lighter parts and environmentally safe components.

LPM Benefits Transparency

Technology Advantages:
• Material designed for electronic components
• Its low pressure and high speeds are suitable for sensitive electronic components
• The technology allows for unique design beyond the Form-Fit-Function of traditional materials.
• Almost any color possible, with base colors such as White, Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, Grey, Amber and Translucent

Low Pressure Molding Benefits

• Complete water-tight encapsulation
• Wide temperature range and solvent resistant materials
• UL 94-V0 rated
• UV resistance
• "Green” technology

Typical applications include:
• Encapsulating, sealing and protecting electronic assemblies
• Sealing connectors and providing strain relief
• Switches, automotive and medical sensors
• LED lighting

LPM Applications

Aviv Technologies Group offers a complete Electronics Assemblies process in house, starting with design and manufacturing of cables and PCBA, LPM encapsulation (including mold design) and final electro mechanical assembly and product packaging.

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