SPARK-100 plug & play ARM environment with FPGA fully configurable

Product Overview
Spark-100 block diagramThe Spark-100 is a ready to use industrial embedded System-On-Module (SoM) based on Altera Cyclone® V SOC.
Using the FPGA´s configurable logic, the Spark enables unlimited possibilities to add customized accelerators and virtually any peripheral set, giving the developer the power and flexibility to design the optimal solution for his application. Spark-100 uses a standard SMARC® interface, which is supported by key industry vendors, ensuring adherence to strict technical specifications and offering compatibility with other vendor´s platforms.

Integrated ARM and FPGA SOC enables better processing, connectivity and networking possibilities
  • Focus on your product IP with a ready to use SOM
  • Standard SMARC® ARM solution with full FPGA user configurability

Based on Atmel SAMA5D3 processor
Supporting SAMA5 D31, D34, D35 and  D36

Cortex A5 @ 536MHZ
Floating Point Unit VFPv.4
32-KB instruction and 32-KB data L1 caches

32bits wide @ 166Mhz, 256 MB DDR2 , expendable to 512MB
NAND Flash  of 256 MB expendable up to 1GB
Optional 4GB eMMC

10/100/1000 Ethernet with IEEE1588 support
Optional additional 10/100 port
Up to 4 USART ports (TX, Rx, CTS, RTS)
Up to 2 UART (Tx, RX)
3 USB V2.0 interfaces (2 Host, 1 Host/Device)
Up to 3 I2C interfaces
Up to 2 SPI interface (4 CS)
Up to 120 GPIO 3.3V
Up to 12 ADC lines
Up to 3 HS SD Card/SDIO/MMC interfaces
Up to 2 CAN interfaces

LCD controller
RGB, Up to 24 bit per Pixel, 1280×720 pixels
Touch screen 4 or 5 wires resistive

Single input power 3.3V
0.5W in typical run mode@536MHz

 200 pin SO-DIMM connector
Dimensions: 68 x 47mm (2.7 x 1.85 inch)

OS Support
Linux  Kernel ver.- 3.10 Debian ver. 7
Linux OS by Timesys® Corporation,
Android OS by Linux4Biz
Windows Embedded Compact 7 and 2013