Shiratech Embedded Introducing SparkGate-7 IOT Gateway at EbeddedWorld Conference

EmbeddedWorld 2016

Aviv Technologies Group´s Shiratech Embeded is launching at the EmbeddedWorld Conference and Trade Show, the new SparkGate-7 open IOT Gateway, providing a ready to use device-to-cloud control and communication solution for product developers.

The SparkGate-7 is an open IoT gateway that easily adds IoT capabilities to your product. It is a complete ready-to-use software and hardware solution providing device-to-cloud control and communications. Incorporating cellular communications, secure cloud connectivity and an array of low power radios; the gateway is based on a SMARC-compliant SOM running Linux Yocto. Use the full gateway or integrate the SOM and software into your carrier board.
SparkGate-7 Cloud Connectivity

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